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About Wessex Websites

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Based in central Somerset, we are Wessex Websites. We design and build websites for all but focus on small and new businesses. We believe in transparent pricing and a reliable service. We offer fully inclusive packages to help you get online fast and make you easily discoverable without hidden additional costs.

We are only here due to our own personal experience in sourcing such services ourselves back in 2013-2014. Having used both smaller developers and larger bluechip companies and spending out close to £10,000 resulting in website solutions which were incomplete or unusable, we thought there had to be another way. This encouraged us to learn all aspects of how to build websites, starting off with the basics and slowly learning more along the way. As with anything, the more time we spent working on the design and build of websites, this opened us up to all other aspects which work alongside design and build such as Google services, Google Ads, SEO to name a few.

Our personal experience offers us the unique perspective from both the customers viewpoint and the designers. We have built relationships with SEO, Google Ads & Social Media specialists for advanced campaigns, but we can also manage smaller campaigns for everyday, smaller businesses in-house to allow a smaller budget to go further.

If you would like to understand more about us and what we can do for you, please contact us here

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